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Architectural Photography

Designed for the leaders of architecture, engineering, and construction.

multifaceted productions

Activating your project with a layered approach.
Compelling photography begins with precise coordination and attentive execution. Our team dives deep into your requirements to grasp your vision and to understand your desired results.

To maximize the impact of your project, we're able to provide additional casting, styling, and onsite coordination.
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Memorialize your project with video.
Whether you have a PR push, a specialized proposal, or you need to elevate your brand online, our team can add video to your next production without any additional time onsite.
Working with these photographers has been effortless. Their transparency and ease of collaboration made the entire process seamless from beginning to end.

It's clear they prioritize the client's satisfaction above all else.

I'm especially impressed by their unique photography style and composition, which beautifully brings spaces to life.
Lindsay Albers
Vice President of Marketing
William Hezmalhalch Architects, Inc.
We’ve worked with DIG to photograph several of our landscape architecture projects and were consistently impressed by not only the memorable, high-quality images but also how easy it was to collaborate.

For each photography arrangement, DIG proactively managed the process and worked to ensure that everyone involved was on the same page for any photo revisions. Their photography speaks for itself and is worth every penny.
Melonie Reynolds
Associate Principal
Gates + Associates
Collaborating with DIG for nearly five years across 75+ architectural photoshoots was an unparalleled experience.

Their white glove service and innovative approach not only delivered high-caliber photography but also streamlined our workflow, saving time and ensuring exceptional experiences for both clients and our team.

Throughout each project, it became evident that as our demands increased, DIG's team adeptly tailored their services to exceed our needs.
Renee Rose
Marketing Leader, California
‍HGA Architects and Engineers