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Capturing the Homes of Season 4

Photographing the homes built for HGTV's #1 program, Rock the Block, was an unforgettable experience. This show features a group of four top-notch designers who transform identical suburban homes into stunning properties in just a few weeks.

Davies Imaging Group was asked to photograph all of the homes built for Season 4. Landmark Homes, the homebuilder responsible for building the 5,000 square-foot homes this season, commissioned our team to complete the entire assignment over two days. 

Behind the Scenes

As soon as the homes were completed, Chad Davies and Jason Crider captured every detail of the stylish interiors and exteriors, showcasing the unique design elements and top-of-the-line finishes. Being part of this process was an incredible opportunity, and provided us a canvas to showcase our Enterprise Photography System in the most pressing conditions.

Exterior Production Process
Interior Production Process

Winning Home

Michel Smith Boyd & Anthony Elle
Other Participants