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About Us

Enterprise Photography System

Discover The DIG Difference.


Our dedicated staff coordinates the entire lifecycle of your photography project. You give us the project requirements, due date, and site contacts. We plan everything else for you.


Our management process allows our photographers to remain laser-focused onsite. This ensures we quickly deliver incredible images for each project.


We make the power of copyright work for you. By creating shared-use agreements between key project stakeholders, we can drastically reduce your photography costs.

Our Vision

We believe every property has a beating heart that's waiting to be uncovered. Communicating this idea is critical to bringing new projects to life. We're shooting to help the world find a new appreciation for the real estate industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize the impact of your project through the use of our Enterprise Photography System. By organizing the efforts of leading creative minds, our team produces work that drives business results while reducing administrative load, project completion time, and financial burden.


Chad Davies
Dani Martinelli
Production Manager
Jason Crider
Kyle Pearce
Post Production
Nic Musser
Tyler Melgosa
Post Production
Karen Medaris
Karla Tuten
Marketing Consultant
Puplick Relations
Makenna Lloyd
Production Coordinator
Thomas Brigantino
Post Production Manager