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Willow Creek


Premium Model Photography of a single-family detached home with additional home exteriors and aerial work. Deliverables include 24 finished images including the home interior, daytime back yard, 4 total daytime front exteriors and a 25 second aerial video.

Gia, the Resident Retention Specialist, was a helpful resource for our photographer. She ensured the space was well prepared for photography and provided solutions to remove multiple distractions. Gia also  selected alternate homes when our photographer identified challenges with the initial selection of plans.

When capturing the additional exteriors, the photographer noticed that the north-facing plans wouldn't offer ideal lighting.

The orientation of the Plan 2 #107 model limited the photographer's possibilities for a great shot.  Additionally, a tree blocked most of the view of the front exterior.

One of the Secondary Bedrooms in the home was staged as an office, and the office space was staged as a seating area.

Our photographer reached out to Gia to see if a similar floor plan would have better lighting for the front exterior. Using Plan 2 #117 instead, helped avoid the tree blocking the view of the home.

Gia provided a ladder to minimize the look of the flag. Our post-production team removed the rest of the flag.

We captured all spaces to ensure that every room in the home would be seen.


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