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UCSF Renovation

UCSF Health’s consolidation of multiple administrative office into a new high-rise was an exciting departure from our healthcare partnership. The newly designed administrative office houses over 10 groups, including the executive suite, patient services teams and command center – all vital to providing critical patient services.

The new office suite is strategically located across the street from UCSF Children’s Hospital, allowing employees access to critical facilities. The design needed to consider UCSF’s values (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence), while maintaining simplicity, optimizing space allocation, and adhering to a tight budget.

The renovated suite reflects empathy, evokes creativity, and encourages effortless exchanges, with the sense of health and wellness that a home for hospital leadership should embody. Designers reutilized much of the existing space with minimal demolition, optimizing existing walls, finishes, and lighting. In the new layout, 90 percent of the existing walls, doors, and hardware were reused, and 100 percent of the flooring was either salvaged and reinstalled in new spaces or reused and left in place. Any new flooring was carbon neutral, saving 17 tons of carbon dioxide.

The space is simple and respectful of UCSF’s branding, ensuring the space is both comfortable and economical. In addition, 97 percent of the existing lighting was reused and reconfigured into the new layout. When selecting the furniture, 70-75 percent as second generation. When designers considered the amount of reuse included in the project, they determined that over 100 tons of trash was saved from landfills. The result of these efforts was a warm, cohesive, and collaborative environment. Providing the right balance of heads down spaces to reduce distractions and collaboration space to allow for creativity to flourish and blur the lines between work and home.


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