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Premium Model Photography of two single-family detached homes. Deliverables include 15 and 19 finished images including the home interior, daytime back yard and twilight front exterior.

The models were spotless and perfectly prepared for photography. Audrey was very hospitable, offering pastries, coffee, and water during our appointment. She ensured the models were locked so no potential buyers might interrupt the photoshoot. We noticed a second model home while on-site and opted to photograph it for more content for the study.

The primary challenge we found was capturing two full homes in one day. Both homes were deep and spacious, and photographing them requires more time than a standard floor plan.

Even with large spaces, staging elements can interfere with composition. We found that some of the staging in the open layout interrupted a few important compositions.

Accenting areas with flash, carefully adjusting styling, and utilizing perspective-shifting lenses allowed us to give special attention to the height and depth of each home. Even with a nuanced photography process, our method allows for quick maneuvering between rooms.

We adjusted sofas, lamps, and decor for a clear kitchen view. These adjustments may seem minor but are vital in generating the most desirable photograph compositions.


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