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DIG Promotion Announcement

April 15, 2024
Roseville, California

Jason Crider has joined DIG as a Photography Manager. He is a familiar face to many of our clients, and his energy in the field is unmatched. After working on select projects alongside Chad Davies for the last five years, he has elected to transform our photography process by expanding our network and solidifying our training process. We are thrilled to have him join us as a full-time team member.

Dani Martinelli has been promoted to Account Director. After a seven-year tenure with DIG, it’s clear that Dani’s focus on client experience is unmatched. With her commitment to service, she leads all client-facing interactions and will develop a team to support our growth.

Thomas Brigantino has been promoted to Production Director. Since starting with DIG almost 18 months ago, Thomas has taken the reigns of our post-production process and helped assemble an incredible team of artists, technology, and processes. With his success in Post-Production, we’re excited to see how he impacts the entire scope of production in the coming years. 

Makenna Lloyd has been promoted to Account Manager. Makenna joined DIG last summer with a Master's Degree from the University of Oregon. Her creativity and inquisitiveness have helped us manage hundreds of projects since her arrival. She has developed a new system for creating Photography Briefs and Debriefs while managing over a dozen vendor relationships. As we continue our growth, she will focus on client experience, streamlining art direction, and creating systems to retrieve in-depth project feedback.