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DIG Post-Production Team Announcement

January 18, 2024
Guadalajara, Mexico

We have doubled down on our commitment to guarantee the highest levels of quality and the fastest turnaround times in our industry. Late last year, DIG started investment in a Mexico-based post-production operation. With early indications of success, we’re thrilled to introduce the following members of our team:

Maxine Mendoza has joined as a Post-Production Project Lead. 

Alejandro Aburto has joined as a Post-Production Team Lead.

Monica Muro has joined as a Post-Production Specialist.

Adriana Gutiérrez has joined as Post-Production Associate.

Pictured From Left to Right: Maxine, Alejandro, Monica, Sara, and Adriana

DIG's purpose is to provide undeniable value to the world's best real estate companies. This expansion helps ensure that purpose is realized.

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