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At Davies Imaging Group, our mission is to make everyone fall in love with buildings. Through the Door in Four gives us a chance to share new ideas outside of our typical practice areas.


A four-minute podcast series where we learn how brilliant people are bringing buildings to life. We extract the most critical information about your work and distill it into a four-minute segment.


We welcome architects, artists, brokers, builders, construction companies, consultants, designers, developers, engineers, and anyone else who plays a critical role in bringing buildings to life.

Levi Lindsay


Levi Lindsay unpacks how the storage marketplace Neighbor is strengthening communities across the country. Along the way, Levi tells us how he pays "his emotional bills" by connecting people through the Neighbor platform.

Tre Borden

Where do we go from here

Tre Borden discusses how a massive art installation catalyzed momentum in a struggling DTLA neighborhood.

Burke Bair

Crocker Village

Burke Bair uncovers why Crocker Village in Sacramento has captured the attention of homebuilders and developers across the country. Home designs in this community have been awarded Best Single Family Detached Model Home (Nationals 2022) and Home of the Year (PCBC 2021).

Ankur Dobriyal

Module Housing

Ankur Dobriyal uncovers how Module is building beautiful homes in record time. Ankur reveals some of what makes Module unique, and how they are changing their local community. Ankur Dobriyal is the Director of Construction at Module, a modular home company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Ron Nestor, AIA

Las Ventanas

Ron Nestor discusses how a new 100+ unit multifamily project is "making waves" in the heart of Long Beach. This project has catalyzed several additional projects, creating a surge of new affordable units in the area.

Melissa Pesci, AIA


Melissa Pesci discusses how an Oakland office renovation is well equipped for life after lockdown.

Will Rodriguez

Newport Pediatric Center

Will Rodriguez uncover how they brought the cheer of coastal Newport Beach into a local pediatric center.

Mike Collins


Mike Collins discusses how a potential oil field project was transformed into an acclaimed art gallery. Just steps from the sand in Hermosa Beach, Shockboxx shows work from artists across the globe and has uplifted the South Bay Los Angeles community in unexpected ways.

Richard Rubin


Richard Rubin unlocks the hidden potential of adaptive re-use real estate development. Hailing from South Africa, Richard started Repvblik in the US to serve everyday people with more housing options.

Alison Dougherty

Outlier Gallery

Alison Dougherty reveals how a retired delivery van found a new life as a mobile art gallery. Craving independence from traditional gallery culture, Alison shows us how she carved her own path to showcase her work.

Chris Holt


We unfold the 20-year saga behind a new riverfront landmark. Chris shares the story of the Museum of Science and Curiosity and his inspiration for becoming a key player during its final phases.